By Duncan Smith

Life in Joe Biden’s America just keeps getting worse by the day — and a lot more expensive.

We began to see inflationary pressures no sooner than Biden got into office, what with him cutting off all new fossil fuel production and the Keystone XL pipeline.

We have also seen inflation from supply chain disruptions due to enduring COVID-19 lockdowns (mostly in blue states) and around the world.

Now, we’re seeing new inflationary pressures in the food industry, meaning Americans are going to have yet another hidden tax imposed on them by a regime that said it wouldn’t tax the majority of Americans.

Specifically, food companies are facing shortages, so they’re trying to stock up heavy ahead of price increases.

The Daily Caller reports:

Food prices have been on the rise and supermarkets are stockpiling inventory as a result, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Prices are expected to rise even further and grocery stores are storing supplies to meet demand, keep costs down and protect profit margins, the WSJ reported. Some grocery industry executives told the WSJ that the price increases might be among the highest seen in recent history.

Stockpiling items can lead to shortages and a disruption in the already impacted U.S. supply chain, executives told the WSJ.

Associated Wholesale Grocers Inc., the nation's largest wholesaler for over 3,000 supermarkets, has purchased 15% to 20% more inventory when compared to 2020, according to CEO David Smith, the WSJ reported.

Price changes are bigger and more broad than recent years, which have been minor and more specific in the past, executives told the WSJ.

General Mills Inc., Campbell Soup Co. and J.M. Smucker Co. are brands who have raised prices to make up for higher costs, the WSJ reported. Some supermarkets say they pass along the increase in prices to shoppers, while others say they keep prices down to compete with discount sellers.

One retailer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said they are stockpiling about 20%-25% more groceries in response to warnings from over 100 suppliers that they planned to raise prices, the WSJ reported.

'When you have a uniquely inflationary period like now, it's a feeding frenzy,' Tony Sarsam, chief executive officer of SpartanNash Co., told the WSJ.

Joe Biden and his Marxists are going to ruin this country. Brace yourselves, Americans — and stock up.

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