By Duncan Smith

So, when the Supreme Court rules on an issue, it’s settled — at least until Congress makes a law overturning a ruling (and then that law must again pass constitutional muster).

But for some reason, the left-wing lunatics who control the U.S. Ninth Circuit don’t see it that way, especially when it comes to guns.

They think the Second Amendment only applies to a gun owner’s residence — you know, ‘yeah, you can own a gun but you can’t take it out of your house.’

Or some such BS.

Trending Politics has more:

Times have become so partisan in America, even Supreme Court precedence doesn't matter to some lower federal courts, and that is especially true of the oft-overturned Ninth U.S. Circuit Court.

Despite previous rulings on the matter by SCOTUS, Ninth Circuit courts have ruled that Hawaiians' Second Amendment rights don't extend beyond their personal residences, a goofy ruling that flies in the face of the landmark Supreme Court decision in 2008, District of Columbia v. Heller.

As noted by The Epoch Times adds that nearly two dozen states are pushing back on the Ninth Circus, as it is called:

Texas joined 21 states asking the Supreme Court to uphold Hawaiians' Second Amendment rights to bear arms following a ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last year that upheld Hawaii's ban on residents bearing arms outside their homes.

The states filed an amicus brief with the high court to help resolve a split among the federal circuit courts of appeal after several of the courts ruled against the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case, a landmark gun-rights ruling.

'One of the highest responsibilities of a state is to safeguard the rights of its citizens,' the states wrote last week in their collective brief, 'including the right 'to keep and bear arms' under the Second Amendment.'

'Law-abiding citizens keep firearms for self-protection—both inside and outside of their homes. Amici seek to ensure that their residents will not be deprived of their Second Amendment freedoms,' the brief said, as states further argued that the Second Amendment right includes being able to carry and utilize firearms outside of homes.

'The plain text of the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, not just to keep them,' according to the brief. 'Yet Hawaii's firearm carrying regulatory regime functions as an outright ban on the right to carry guns outside the home for most people. It therefore violates the Second Amendment.'

This proves, again, why Democrats cannot keep the Senate and why we need to kick Biden’s ass out of the White House in 2024 (or whoever takes his place).

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