By Duncan Smith

Did you know that the No. 1 and No. 2 top choices for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination now hate each other and had a huge falling out?

Well, if you read that over the past couple of days or saw some liberal butthead making the claim on a little-watched cable news outlet, don’t be alarmed.

Because it’s BS.

You may have heard that President Donald Trump held a yuuuuge rally in Sarasota, Fla., over the weekend. You may have also heard that Florida GOP Gov. Ron Desantis did not attend.

But it wasn’t because the two were scrapping. It was because DeSantis just had a disaster occur in his state and, true to form, he’s dealing with the condo collapse in Surfside instead.

What’s more, our real president understands that.

Breitbart News reports:

Former President Donald Trump quelled rumors of tension between himself and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), telling Newsmax over the weekend they 'mutually agreed' on the governor skipping the Sarasota rally to focus his attention on the tragic condo collapse in Surfside.

'Well, we mutually agreed,' Trump said of DeSantis skipping the rally, praising the governor for working 'very hard.'

'He's doing a very good job, and he should be there. I told him. I said, 'You should stay there. This is not that important for you.' He of all people should be there,' Trump added.

Trump's remarks followed rumors of a disagreement between the two over Trump's Fourth of July weekend rally in Sarasota, with the Washington Examiner citing sources claiming the governor pleaded with Trump to postpone the rally. DeSantis's office, however, denied any suggestions of infighting.

'He spoke with President Trump, who agreed that this was the right decision, as the Governor's duty is to be in Surfside making sure the families and community have what they need in the aftermath of the tragic building collapse,' Christina Pushaw, the governor's press secretary, said in a statement.

'Gov. DeSantis would have gone to this event in normal circumstances,' she added. 'He is sure the rally will draw a big crowd on this holiday weekend, as many Floridians are excited to attend.'

'There's a word [called] 'disinformation,'' Trump said. 'If you say it enough, and keep saying it, just keep saying it, they [people] will start to believe it.'

No one lives in the heads of his political opponents more than Donald Trump. 

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