By Duncan Smith

Donald Trump continues to live rent-free in the heads of deranged Democrats.

Last week, the House headmistress, Nancy Pelosi, announced the formation of the “1/6 Committee,” a partisan panel charged with ‘finding out” how the Jan. 6 riot happened when we already know it was an FBI/deep state false flag to set up Trump and tarnish his legacy.

We know it’s highly partisan because Liz Cheney, the disgraced “Republican” who voted to impeach Trump, is on the panel.

In any event, Trump continues to be pursued by Democrats despite the fact that he’s out of office in ways that are truly unprecedented.

Now that this BS panel has been formed, guess who they are threatening to call?

Yes, that’s right, the rightful president, Donald J. Trump.

Conservative Brief reports:

Democrats are considering the possibility of hauling in Donald Trump to testify before their partisan January 6 commission that is 'investigating' the incident at the U.S. Capitol.

During an interview on CNN's 'State of the Union,' House Majority Whip James Clyburn said Trump could be called to testify before the House committee 'if that's what it takes.'

'Oh, if it comes to that, they should go wherever the facts lead. They may be able to get what they want and need without him testifying,' Clyburn said.

'I would not want to see a former president testifying in such a situation as this. But if that's what it takes in order to get to the bottom of this, because this is more than any one person. This is this country,' he added.

What a liar. That’s exactly what he wants to do — haul Trump before that bullshit committee.

These Democrats are clinically insane. They’d have to be to obsess over a political opponent like they have over Trump.

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