By Duncan Smith

You knew when Kamala Harris ‘won’ the vice presidency the lamestream media was going to circle the wagons around her and her hapless running mate, Joe Biden.

You knew the media was going to take every criticism of these two ‘leaders’ personally.

And you also knew that any criticism of Harris, particularly, was going to be deemed ‘bigoted’ and ‘offensive.’

Well, that time has arrived, and it comes from one of the dumbest people on TV: Joy Behar.

She opined on Friday that criticisms of Harris over the shitty way she’s ‘handled’ the border crisis, as well as reports that the very unlikeable VP is a monster to work for, are unjust because of Harris’ skin color.

Trending Politics notes:

Host Sunny Hostin attributed the Politico report to – you guessed it – racism but added the caveat that there may be a kernel of truth in it that Harris may also be a demanding boss; 'I think that this has a lot to do with, yes, politics, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that she's a woman of color and a woman because we know that things that are acceptable for men are not acceptable for women.' She said, 'Maybe she's, you know, running a tight ship. Maybe she's expecting a lot from the people that work for her.'

Behar interjected; 'You know, there's something about this story that doesn't pass the smell test for me. I mean, this is the second big story about Kamala Harris, a negative. The first was at the border, and now this. She's only been at the job for six months.' making an excuse for Harris who is clearly in over her head.

She then said, 'You know, what's interesting is this will be used by the right-wing to attack the Biden Administration. Isn't it interesting they go after a Black woman? They don't go after a white guy, Joe Biden because Joe Biden looks like the base on the right. He looks like them. It's hard to get mad at him because then they get mad at themselves. Something psychological is going on there. She doesn't look like the base so it's easy to go after her. I don't put much stake in this. I think this article is meaningless. Politico pretty much goes right so I don't trust it.'

We’re not sure what’s more ridiculous — Behar’s take, or her claim that Politico is a right-wing outlet.

Either way, you knew this ‘criticism of Harris is racist!’ schtick was coming. It has arrived.

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