By Duncan Smith

Claire McCaskill is a former Democratic U.S. senator from Missouri, and the reason why most Americans have never heard of her is because she’s about as unremarkable as they come.

That’s not a knock on the Show-Me state, which is reliably red and very patriotic.

It’s a knock on her because she was unremarkable and because she’s a lunatic.

After getting her ass handed to her by former Missouri AG and now Sen. Josh Hawley (R), McCaskill became the latest unhinged shrew on MSNBC, where, ahead of Independence Day this week, she discussed a “new tradition” she and her family will engage in, beginning this year: Viewing clips of the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol.

Per Breitbart News:

Co-host Joe Scarborough said, 'Let's also remember the words that Jim Clyburn told us this morning. He said America is a great country. We must extend its promise to all and remain in constant pursuit of its perfection. A good reminder, Willie, on this Fourth of July weekend.'

Co-host Willie Geist said, 'It is. On the Fourth of July, so much over the years has felt like a throwback looking backward to the urgency of all those core, fundamental democrat issues and ideals. But they feel more urgent now today, in the last several years in particular. After what we saw around the election, a shaking of the foundation of one of our core, democratic institutions, and that is the peaceful transfer of power. Claire McCaskill, I'm interested in your thoughts your thoughts as we head into this Fourth of July weekend?'

McCaskill said, 'We're going to start a new family tradition in my family. On the Fourth of July and every Fourth of July going forward, we're going to watch that video that The New York Times put together of January 6.'

Jesus, this woman is stupid. Again, no reflection on the great state of Missouri.

But to watch what leftists like her falsely call an “insurrection” on the anniversary of the day Americans declared they would no longer bow to tyranny makes no sense whatsoever. And the fact that The New York Times put together the video means it is pure propaganda in the vein of Mao or Stalin.

Watching that shit on Independence Day makes no sense, but Missourians getting rid of McCaskill makes plenty of sense.

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