By Duncan Smith

Bottom line up front: Around here, we don’t care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors.

But out in public, that’s a different story.

In a civilized society, we have to have rules, and in America, the rules are, no sex acts in front of kids, period.

Or, that used to be the rule.

Leftist sickos are now attempting to ditch that one, too, because they are twisted, morally depraved pieces of perverted shit.

And that includes some parents, too, such as a Washington Post op-ed writer who thinks it is a good thing she took her young, impressionable children to a Gay Pride parade where pervs simulated sex acts in public.

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Writes Lauren Rowello, a writer based near Philadelphia:

When our children grew tired of marching, we plopped onto a nearby curb. Just as we got settled, our elementary-schooler pointed in the direction of oncoming floats, raising an eyebrow at a bare-chested man in dark sunglasses whose black suspenders clipped into a leather thong. The man paused to be spanked playfully by a partner with a flog. 'What are they doing?' my curious kid asked as our toddler cheered them on. The pair was the first of a few dozen kinksters who danced down the street, laughing together as they twirled their whips and batons, some leading companions by leashes. At the time, my children were too young to understand the nuance of the situation, but I told them the truth: That these folks were members of our community celebrating who they are and what they like to do.

After recommending that all parents follow her sick, twisted example, she claimed that more exposure to kink for young kids who can't process what they are seeing because they don't yet possess the mental capacity to do so would help them '[come] to terms with their own experiences with desire and embodiment.'

If this isn't a form of child abuse, then I feel compelled to ask if such a crime actually exists. How any adult and especially a parent can justify subjecting kids to this kind of 'activity' at young, impressionable ages is beyond my ability to reason or explain.

This woman is mentally ill, straight up, and the perverted nutsacks who do that kind of stuff in public just because they can are no better.

The fabric that holds our society together is fraying badly. It can’t take much more of this stuff before it breaks completely.

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