By Duncan Smith

A solid and large plurality of Americans — and most Trump supporters — are convinced the 2020 elections were stolen from the former president.

Donald Trump campaigned his ass off and every rally he went to was packed with people who waited days to get in.

There were spontaneous boat and car parades springing up everywhere.

He literally broke Republican vote tally records, and he was well ahead on Election night in all battleground states.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris couldn’t draw flies to a crap show.

No one wanted to see them. 

But Trump wound up ‘losing.’ And Biden/Harris got ’80 million’ votes?

It’s bullshit and Americans know it.

Well, we’re about to find out just how widespread the fraud was, and Texas may provide answers first, even as a ballot audit is continuing in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Epoch Times has more:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said over the weekend that his office still has more than 500 election fraud cases that need to be heard in court.

The attorney general made the announcement after a woman was arrested by the state Election Fraud Unit late last week for multiple counts of election fraud, according to a statement from his office.

'We will prosecute voter fraud every time we find it,' Paxton, a Republican, wrote on Twitter over the weekend in reference to the case. 'Currently, our office has over 500 cases waiting to be heard in court.'

While Paxton didn't provide any more information about the cases, he said that 'voter fraud is real' and that 'Texans deserve to know their vote is legally and securely counted.'

According to the release from his office, which provided scant details about the case, Monica Mendez was arrested and booked into the Victoria County Jail on June 23. It came after a grand jury returned an indictment on seven counts of illegal voting, eight counts of unlawfully assisting a voter, eight counts of unlawful possession of ballots, and eight counts of election fraud.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, a state senator there claims that as many as 34,000 ballots in Fulton County (home to Atlanta) alone are fraudulent — way more than is needed to reclaim the state’s 16 electoral votes, which he says the state plans to do if fraud is actually found.

The lid is going to be blown off this 2020 shitshow of an election, and we’re going to be right here saying, ‘Put Donald Trump Back In The Oval Office’ where he belongs.

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