By Duncan Smith

Imagine you’re a private-sector lawyer and you lie to a court of law.

Or you’re a local county or city prosecutor who lied to a court to get a search warrant.

Chances are real good said courts would not only find you guilty of wrongdoing, but you’d pay a hefty price.

You’d lose your law license. You’d pay a heap big fine. You would probably get some jail time.

Now imagine you’re an FBI lawyer who lied to the secretive FISA court to get a bogus surveillance warrant on an innocent man who was set up by your agency so they could spy on a president.

That sounds like a pretty big deal. All kinds of violations of the law and trust.

This person would be looking at major jail time, right?

Wrong. This person is real; his name is Kevin Clinesmith, and for committing the very crime we just described, he didn’t get jack shit in terms of punishment.

Trending Policies notes:

The ex-FBI lawyer who received a felony conviction for making a false statement that was used in a FISA surveillance warrant during the Trump-Russia collusion investigation has received a penalty tantamount to a light 'slap on the wrist.' On Monday, an agreement was reached between Clinesmith and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in Washington, D.C., which determined that his provably deceptive conduct did not constitute 'moral turpitude.'

'Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith has agreed to a one-year suspension of his attorney license in Washington, D.C., following his conviction in August 2020 on a felony false-statement charge arising from the internal review of the special counsel's Russia investigation,' Reuters reported.

The Washington Examiner provided background that Clinesmith 'worked on the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server and on the FBI's Trump-Russia inquiry, as well as special counsel Robert Mueller's team.' Clinesmith admitted in August 2020 that he 'falsified a document during the bureau's efforts to renew FISA surveillance authority against Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.'

As the Examiner points out, Clinesmith 'edited a CIA email in 2017 to state Page was 'not a source' for the CIA when it had told the bureau on multiple occasions Page had been an 'operational contact' for the agency. He was sentenced to probation in January.'

Okay, he didn’t ‘edit an email, he flat-out lied on the FISA application, and what’s more, he likely lied at the behest of higher-ups.

But we’re never going to know who he lied for. So they are going to get off scot-free as well.

This is why Americans no longer have any trust or faith in our governing institutions. Because they are replete with liars, tyrants, and dictator-wannabes who know they’re not going to be held accountable by a highly partisan Congress or a wholly corrupt ‘justice’ system.

If this doesn’t, in a nutshell, tell you that our institutions have to be completely replaced because they don’t work anymore, then nothing will.

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