By Duncan Smith

Chicago isn’t a failing city, we can safely say that it is a failed city.

On normal weekends there are more people shot there than in dozens of cities around the country combined.

Parts of Chicago are literal war zones — and you can guess which parts (hint: Not the part of the city were Mayor Lori Lightfoot lives).

Poor blacks are most at risk of being gunned down, most often by young poor blacks (or young hoodlum blacks who make bank peddling dope, etc.).

Lightfoot has no answers except her standard bullshit: ‘There are too many guns.’


Here’s the tally this weekend: 77.

Seventy-seven people were shot in Chicago alone this past weekend.

The understaffed police force can’t keep up, per CBSChicago:

At least 77 people had been shot this weekend in Chicago as of Sunday night, and five of them had been killed.

At least seven of the surviving victims were 17 or younger.

Late Sunday night, the Fire Department said eight people were struck, one fatally, in a mass shooting at 63rd Street and Artesian Avenue in Chicago Lawn.

The shooting happened at 10:53 p.m. in the 6300 block of South Artesian Avenue, police said. The Fire Department called an EMS Plan 2 for the shooting, sending 10 ambulances to the scene.

“Hundreds of people looking around, onlookers, family members, people who are injured. Just another night of mayhem in Chicago, summer night. It shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be like this, but unfortunately, it looks like this may be our summer, definitely going to be our Fourth of July,” said Pastor Donovan Price, Street Pastors.

Meanwhile, Chicago PD continues to be understaffed and the problem is about to get worse, thanks to the idiot Democrats who run Illinois, including Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who’s preparing to sign legislation removing qualified immunity from police officers (which will create an exodus of officers out of the state):

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