By Duncan Smith

We’ve warned for years that Democrats don’t give a damn about America insofar as preserving it as founded.

They want to completely remake the country into the same kind of socialist shithole that all other socialist shitholes become after they were once free nations.

Only ours will be the biggest best-armed socialist nightmare yet.

One of the ways Democrats are trying to accomplish this is by throwing open our borders and welcoming in as many third-world poor as they can hook on government (taxpayer) funded largess.

And one of them even said as much earlier Friday as Kamala Harris’ border-non-border visit commenced.

Harris went to El Paso, Texas, where there isn’t a migrant crisis because going to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, where the real migrant and drug smuggling crisis is taking place would be bad optics for the loser who was given this problem to solve three months ago.

All she had to do was tell Invalid Joe to reverse his reversal of Trump’s border enforcement actions and orders and viola, problem solved. Border secure. Oh, and re-fund the border wall.

But no. She won’t do that because she doesn’t want to do that. Because that runs counter to ‘the plan,’ which is to remake America, as a party member admitted.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A Texas Democrat referred to El Paso, Texas, as 'the new Ellis Island' as she accompanied Vice President Kamala Harris to the southern border on Friday.

'Welcome to El Paso, welcome to my community, to the new Ellis Island, to the capital of the border,' said Rep. Veronica Escobar, who represents Texas's 16th Congressional District, which encompasses El Paso.

Escobar went on to express a 'heart full of gratitude' to Harris and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for their approach to Central American migration at the border.

'We finally have an administration willing to tackle the big challenges, challenges that our country has dealt with for decades — willing to tackle challenges in a meaningful, thoughtful, strategic, compassionate way,' Escobar said, 'and that means starting with root causes and understanding what's driving people from their home, what's making them arrive at our nation's front door.'

What a bunch of bullshit. Trump took on ‘the big challenges’ of the border by sealing it. Even Hispanics living along it were appreciative and are heap big pissed off that Biden threw open the flood gates again.

But here you have it — the new “Ellis Island” is El Paso. The gates are wide up. Come one, come all, and let’s remake ‘Merica into the same kind of country that led our founders to rebel.

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