By Duncan Smith

In case you missed it, Kamala Harris finally agreed to go visit the chaotic U.S.-Mexico border in person.

She was actually shamed into doing so by our real president, Donald Trump.

The Donald announced last week he had accepted an invitation from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to tour the mess Joe Biden’s handlers have purposely made of the border after instructing Infirmary Joe to reverse Trump’s border enforcement actions.

'The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history. It's an unmitigated disaster zone,' Trump said in a statement after accepting the GOP governor's request, according to USA Features News.

Suddenly, Harris announced that she, too, would go to the border — on Friday, a few days ahead of Trump’s visit.

But she’s not serious about solving this crisis.

We know that because she’s going to the El Paso sector of the Tex-Mex border, and there’s no real crisis there, as Sen. Marco Rubio points out:

'I don't know why they chose El Paso. It's not the epicenter of the crisis. It's more closer to McAllen and areas of that nature. But I will say that, irrespective, I think what they're going to see is what they created. Now, that migratory pressure has always been there, and I don't care what anybody tells you, I don't care what rhetoric you hear, I know people who have relatives in Central America and the message they got in November of last year and in January when Joe Biden was sworn in was, there's a new administration, they're going to do everything on immigration the opposite of Trump, there will be no wall. Some of the first actions they took were on immigration in terms of deferring the deportation of people who may have been in jail, also, the new asylum processes, getting rid of stay in Mexico policies. All of this sends a message and that is, things have changed, it's going to be easier to get in and the trafficking networks took advantage of it.'

She’s going to where the action isn’t because neither she nor the Biden regime in sum is serious about protecting our country from a mass of third-world poor.

They see a shit ton of new voters who will grovel at their feet in thankfulness. And they’re not about to turn them away.

This outrageous invasion of America will continue as long as we the people put up with it, folks. That’s just true.

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