By Duncan Smith

Because it is the last functional institution in America, the Marxist Democratic left under Joe Biden is going after our military — hard.

The Marxists understand that if they can turn the military into a ‘woke’ force of brainwashed adherents, their grip on power will be complete.

The left ‘owns’ academia; the arts and entertainment; the media; the federal bureaucracy; most major American cities; upper echelons of law enforcement; a sizeable portion of our judicial system; and our political processes.

The military is all that stands in the way of the Marxist revolution today’s Leninist Democrats so badly want.

They need the military to disarm the tens of millions of armed Americans who will are already giving Biden and his commie cadres the big ol’ middle finger.

So to infiltrate the military, the Marxist left is introducing their curriculum via “critical race theory” and other materials designed to divide and conquer the world’s premier fighting force.

And it’s working.

But Republicans, thankfully, are pushing back, including Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas.

He tells Newsmax in no uncertain terms the claims by the regime and puppets like Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and that racist defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, that “white supremacy” is rife in the military is nothing but bullshit fabrication.

Newsmax adds:

“We’re talking a couple of dozen people [expelled from the military for extremist behavior] that does not affect the readiness of the United States,” Fallon told Newsmax’s “Stinchfield” on Tuesday. “This is a fabricated issue.”

Fallon asked for the number of soldiers kicked out of the service for “extremist behavior,” and was told four out of the 220,000 Marines and nine out of the Army were kicked out of the service.

The Navy and Air Force did not respond to his request, he said.

“What is so troubling is that we asked each branch, the Marines were forthright and forthcoming with us, and the Army had given the number to ranking member Rep. [Mike] Rogers, R-Ala., but the Navy and the Air Force never got back to us,” Fallon said. “We have been waiting now for a couple of months. We hope to get them because this is supposed to be about logic and fact, and not speculation and emotion, because this is a problem that does not exist from the numbers.”

Fallon said the military held a one-day “stand down” to talk about the subject at an estimated cost of $600-$700 million.

You can bet your assets that China and Russia are watching this internal attack on the U.S. military with interest — and glee.

Those countries have communist and Leninist histories, so they know exactly what’s going on in America today in our military and who is behind it.

They figure if they can wait it out, American commies will accomplish what Soviet and Chinese commies could never do.

Folks, these revolutionaries are real. They mean business. And they won’t stop on their own. They must be stopped.

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