By Duncan Smith

If this doesn’t sum up for even the dimmest American that Democrats are literally incapable of rational, cogent government, nothing will.

California’s Democrats have been pushing residents to buy as many electric vehicles (EVs) as possible.

‘We have to save the planet from SUVs (and cattle farts)!’ they exclaim.

So, many dutiful California liberals complied.

Now, the state is telling them they should adjust their EV charging routing because the morons who run California can’t keep the power grid solvent.

Newsweek reported:

As temperatures hit triple digits during California’s heat wave last week, the state’s power grid operators encouraged residents to relieve pressure on the grid by charging their electric vehicles before the peak energy use times of day.

The California Independent System Operator (ISO), which oversees the grid, called upon Californians to conserve energy twice last week through the use of Flex Alerts, which asked residents to practice energy conservation on a voluntary basis. Charging electric vehicles before the time period covered by the alerts was included on a list of energy conservation tips the California ISO posted on Twitter, as was avoiding use of large appliances and turning off extra lights.

Patty Monahan, the lead commissioner on transportation at the California Energy Commission, told Newsweek last month that the times of day Californians choose to charge their electric vehicles will be important in keeping the power grid balanced as reliance on electric vehicles grows.

“Charging behaviors matter when it comes to California grid goals,” Monahan said.

She said that energy prices will also be key to helping those new charging behaviors stick.

Matthew Moniot, a researcher with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory said that most drivers who charge at night “will have to change” their routines: “If you look at aggregate load across the grid, it tends to spike in the evening hours whenever people come home.” He called it a “tricky problem” that relies on “how much can we move what’s currently overnight charging to be during the daytime hours, when generation may be more excessive.”

Lunacy doesn’t begin to describe the nature of Democratic governance in California.

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