By Duncan Smith

Democrats no sooner gained complete control of the government than they proposed a “voting reform” bill that would hand complete control of all national elections to a left-wing federal apparatus.

The objective, of course, was simple: With complete federal control, Democrats who own the apparatus would be able to remain in power in perpetuity.

Otherwise, why bother with such a measure in the first place?

But on Tuesday, Republicans found their cajones and to a member in the Senate, rejected SB 1, which would (per Breitbart):

  • Federalize control over congressional elections;
  • Declare that standard state and local maintenance of elections systems, such as purging ineligible voters from voter rolls, limiting vote-by-mail, requiring voter ID, and establishing rules against felons voting, would erode the right to vote;
  • Restrict lawsuits against the rules in S. 1 to the federal court system, which is, coincidentally, favorable to Democrats;
  • Establish online and automatic voter registration;
  • Protect illegal immigrants from prosecution if they vote;
  • Establish same-day voter registration;
  • Register minors to vote;
  • Mandate early voting;
  • Establish nationwide vote-by-mail without a voter ID; and
  • Allow ballots to be counted ten days after Election Day.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., summed it up with a statement:

The 'For the People Act' is another Orwellian-named bill that has nothing to do with voting rights but everything to do with consolidating Democrat control over government and our lives. Republicans want to restore confidence in our elections by making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. It seems like Democrats primarily want to make it easier to cheat. Why else would they propose eliminating voter ID laws, require ballot harvesting and drop boxes, make the FEC a partisan agency, and make it harder to maintain accurate voter files? They would also force taxpayers to help fund the campaigns of candidates they oppose. An accurate name for this monstrosity would be the 'For Democrat Politicians Act.'

Republicans just lived up to their party name and saved our republic. For now.

But Democrats will be back. 

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