By Duncan Smith

Democrats know they have a narrow window of power remaining before the 2022 elections.

They know that the party in the White House always loses seats in Congress.

And the Democrats have no wiggle room; their majority is razor-thin in the House and it’s a tie in the Senate.

So they’re moving to consolidate their power before the elections.

That will include massive gun control and maybe even confiscations.

And all under the color of ‘law.’

Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee is pushing the Biden regime to use executive authority to declare a gun health “emergency” so certain weapons can be taken.

USA Features News reports:

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas believes the Biden administration should declare a health emergency over gun violence so the White House can use its authorities to ban certain weapons.

'First of all, what I would say is, there clearly is a gun and violent crisis in America. Can you believe that Republicans blocked us for a number of times to have that declared as a health crisis by the Centers for Disease Control?' Jackson Lee told CNN on Saturday.

'But really what we need now is an emergency declaration — I believe we need a national emergency declaration for the extensive gun use, and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment,' she continued.

'I'm standing here in Texas, on Juneteenth. We are obviously a state that has been utilizing guns for a long time,' the Texas Democrat went on.

'In fact, we have a permit-less gun law that is obviously making our situation worse. But as the chair of the subcommittee that deals with this crime and terrorism and homeland security, we had a gun hearing, we have gun experts that will tell you that gun laws will make a difference,' she claimed.

'So, I think we have to raise this to a level of emergency declaration of violence,' Jackson Lee noted further.

'With the use of guns, we have to begin to now find a way to push through some forms of gun safety legislation, universal background checks, and closing the Charleston loophole.'

These people will not rest until they have complete control over all our institutions.

And they will steal power to get control.

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