By Duncan Smith

Remember when America was energy self-sufficient again, even to the point of exporting oil and gas?

Those were the days…during the Trump administration…not that long ago.

Well, they’re over, and we can thank the Marxists running Joe Biden’s regime.

Shortly after the elderly president stepped into the Oval Office, he signed a series of measures sacking oil and gas exploration on ‘federal’ lands — lands that, really, belong to We the People.

Ever since then, oil and gasoline prices have risen.

Now, natural gas prices are going to rise, too, even though we had a literal glut of the commodity just a few short months ago.

Again, thanks to Donald Trump,

Fox Business Network reports:

Natural-gas prices are starting the summer air-conditioning season nearly twice as high as they were a year ago.

Demand for the fuel is picking up as the world's economies reopen and as Americans dial down their thermostats for what is expected to be a hot summer. Meanwhile, U.S. producers have stuck to the skimpy drilling plans they sketched out when prices were lower, eliminating the glut that was keeping them depressed.  

Biden created the market conditions for that to happen.

Now, former Trump economist Larry Kudlow, who places the blame squarely on Biden:

Biden gave up American energy sovereignty by reaffirming at the G-7 the Paris Climate targets, which will decimate our fossil fuel, America first energy independence, thereby doing even greater damage to the economy and to jobs. In this Putin semi-summit, he gave up American classified secrets by releasing 16 critical infrastructure sectors. That’s a list developed at the highest level of American intelligence and national security experts. He essentially provided enemies like Russia, China and Iran with a target list. He made no effort to respond to Putin’s CNN, MSNBC talking points on Black Lives Matter on Jan. 6 to deteriorating relations, even election reform. Mr. Biden made no counterattack on the Putin lie that Russia has nothing to do with cyber hacking. What he should have said is publicly released Russian cyber hacking criminal groups that we all know about. But of course, he didn’t.

All Biden’s policies are doing is costing Americans more money — all Americans, not just ‘the wealthy’ — as we pay more for damn near everything.

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