By Duncan Smith

Not to sound alarmist here, but if you haven’t started stockpiling some food, now’s a great time to start.

And no, we’re going gonna sell you emergency food — we don’t do that bait-and-switch BS here.

But we are in the business of reporting dire situations, and right now, there is no more dire situation than the ongoing drought in California.

As much as we love to hate on that state, it does provide our country with a massive portion of our food supply, and nearly all of some foods.

So when weather and labor conditions there worsen, that will impact the country’s food supply.

Shorter supplies on hand will also mean runs on certain goods and, of course, higher prices.

From an intel report we get:

Farmers in California are concerned they won't have enough workers to pick crops this summer. The extreme heat is driving traditional agriculture laborers to find work elsewhere. A shortage of harvesters could have devastating consequences for the farmers and buyers. Already harsh summer conditions are exacerbated by drought, raising concerns over yields this summer and fall.

Again, we’re not trying to sell you jack shit. Just warning you — that’s what we do.

Forewarned equals preparedness. Get busy.

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