By Duncan Smith

Only the most overt racist would deny the impact slavery had on U.S. history.

But only the most overt racist would also deny that Americans haven’t done jack shit since those days to rectify the ‘original sin.’

Of course, we have.

We’ve passed laws. Constitutional amendments. Created holidays. Taught proper history. We’ve atoned.

None of that is good enough, however, for the real haters. Nearly all of whom are on the left.

It’s not enough to atone. No.

The entire system — the ideals, the standards, the principles, the values, the very notion of America as founded — must be dismantled.

There is nothing ‘American’ about our culture that is good, true, and worthy of preserving and passing on to future generations, these angry leftists claim.

It must all be swept away so new standards, traditions, values can replace the old.

Like in Evanston, Ill., the first city in the country to pass an ordinance authorizing reparations for blacks.

USA Features News notes:

The Chicago suburb of Evanston, Ill., is holding gay pride and Juneteenth celebrations this year but has canceled its annual July 4 parade, reports noted on Saturday.

The city commemorated the abolition of slavery with a parade and community events on Juneteenth — June 19, the day the abolition of slavery in the U.S. is officially observed and celebrated. Also, there will be a Gay Pride parade next Saturday, June 26.

But the city previously canceled its July 4 live celebration, claiming ongoing concerns about COVID-19, and thus far, officials have not indicated they will hold similar celebrations to honor the country's birthday…

Got that? Can’t do July 4th because of ‘muh COVID,’ but hey, the virus isn’t contagious at Juneteenth and Pride celebrations. Or something like that.

It’s BS, of course, but more than that, this is just another in-our-faces attempt to debase our culture, memory-hole our traditions and dismiss our founding values so they can all be replaced by the dark tyranny of Marxism.

We cannot ‘reach’ these people, folks. There is no ‘reaching’ those who adhere to authoritarianism. It’s time for a peaceful divorce.

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