By Duncan Smith

We’ve said it before, but we will keep saying it until it becomes second nature among patriots.

There is no reconciling with the Marxist American left.


Like abolitionists could not reconcile with pro-slavery folks in the 1800s.

Like border control and enforcement advocates cannot reconcile with open-border leftists.

We conservatives cannot in any way, shape, or form reconcile with the racist, Marxist American left.

And here’s just another massive piece of proof to substantiate that fact, per Trending Politics:

With each passing day, the American left gets a little crazier, a little more 'out there,' a lot more racist — and impossible to co-exist with.

To wit: The 'scholarly' Dr. Aruna Khilanani.

This blatant racist just gave an interview to another blatant racist and 'scholar,' Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, in which the two of them seriously discussed the subject of 'all white people are psychopaths': No pushback, no attempt to qualify or add context (because how could you?), and no self-awareness.

The interview built on a recent lecture Khilanani gave to students at Yale, of all places, in which she said, among many other disturbing things, that it is a 'waste of our breath' trying to talk to white people.

'This is the cost of talking to white people at all — the cost of your own life, as they suck you dry,' Khilanani said in her lecture. 'There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil.'

'We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility,' she added. 'It ain't going to happen. They have five holes in their brain.'

'I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favor,' she added.

Nice. This is how her interview with Hill went:

'People have this idea that racism is something if you are consciously racist or if you're a Klan member,' she told Hill. 'Racism is something that is unconscious and that it is in everyone.  Everyone uses these words systemic, that [they] know racism is systemic. But when you call it out individually…people disown their own violence and racism.'

Hill went on to ask if whites are psychopathic — not some, all, which in and of itself is racist — she answered, 'I think so…the level of lying that white people do, that started since colonialism — we are just used to it. Every time that you steal a country, you say you discover something. This level of lies are part of history. We don't say 'We killed all these people, we got rid of all the Native Americans.' We say 'We discovered America.''

How do you, as a constitutional, conservative patriot who believes in equal rights and opportunities for all Americans ‘reach’ lunatic haters like this?

Answer: You can’t. 

So stop trying.

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