By Duncan Smith

God, we hate the left around here.

These people are not just liars, lunatics, thieves, and tyrants. They are sick as well.

Seems like more than a dozen scientists believed last year that the Wuhan coronavirus lab-leak theory was probably sound but they didn’t want to admit it in public because President Donald Trump was touting it.

And you know, he’s such a ‘racist’ and all, even “the science” wasn’t enough to admit he was probably right.

One of them, MIT and Harvard geneticist Alina Chan, is now admitting as much, NBC News reports:

Chan said there had been trepidation among some scientists about publicly discussing the lab leak hypothesis for fear that their words could be misconstrued or used to support racist rhetoric about how the coronavirus emerged. Trump fueled accusations that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a research lab in the city where the first Covid-19 cases were reported, was connected to the outbreak, and on numerous occasions he called the pathogen the “Wuhan virus” or “kung flu.” …

The shift reflects how some scientists who previously avoided the topic or were quick to dismiss it are grappling with enduring uncertainties about the virus’s origin, free from the politicization that clouded such discussions during the Trump administration. 

At the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn’t want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins,” said Chan.

As the Daily Wire notes, “David Asher, who led the Trump administration's investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, said in an interview last month that he had biostatisticians from the U.S. government calculate that the odds of the coronavirus evolving from nature and they estimated that it was about 1-in-13 billion.”

What pieces of shit these people are.

They’re not “scientists,” they are just left-wing political hacks with scientific degrees. And because no one would admit that the smartest, most effective president in the modern era was right, as usual, he had no political cover to sanction China for the crap storm they unleashed on the world.

May those who defied science to deny Trump suffer mightily in their careers, though that’s not likely to happen.

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