By Duncan Smith

It’s never been a good idea to rely on the government for your subsistence.

Because as they saying goes, what the government giveth, the government can taketh away.

In order to hook as many voters as possible onto the dole, Democrats rammed through excessive unemployment benefits that made it much more profitable for people to stay home even as COVID wanes instead of finding a job.

Now, as more states end those benefits early because employers can’t find enough people to work, food bank lines are expected again this summer like those we saw last summer.

Zero Hedge reports:

US food banks in Republican states are preparing for a massive demand surge in food aid this summer as 24 GOP-led states are set to end federal unemployment assistance before they’re set to expire on Sept. 6. 

The benefits set to lapse include the additional $300 weekly federal supplement and other Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programs that support low-income households. The policies have also contributed to a historic labor shortage after millions of people received more money via government benefits to staying at home than actually work. 

With two dozen GOP-led states pulling benefits within the next month, millions of people are expected to return to food bank lines this summer, similar to what was seen last spring/summer. 

Already, US Census Bureau figures show 19.3 million adults experienced food insecurity issues. 

We don’t want to see anyone in America go hungry.

But dependency isn’t a future, either.

If you’re someone who grew dependent on endless unemployment benefits, that’s on you. You let Democrats fool you again.

Go get a job. 

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