By Duncan Smith

Like it or not, California is America’s breadbasket.

The vast majority of our food is grown there.

Which is a shame, because California is one of the worst-run states in the union.

Were it not for the tech oligarchs and (in the past) fossil fuel production, the state would be a third-world country, thanks to the ignorant Marxism of its Democrat supermajority.

That said, the farming industry was pretty much on auto-pilot — until recently, that is.

But because California’s leftists can’t keep their damned hands out of anything, their emphasis on environmental issues has created a water shortage and now these morons are threatening to cut off farmers who grow our food because there isn’t enough as a drought in the state continues.

The Sacramento Bee has more:

Thousands of Central California farmers were warned Tuesday that they could face water cutoffs this summer as the state deals with a drought that already has curtailed federal and state irrigation supplies.

The State Water Resources Control Board notified about 6,600 farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed who have rights to use water from the Central Valley estuary of 'impending water unavailability” that may continue until winter rains come.

'This is how dry things are,' water board Chairman Joaquin Esquivel told the Sacramento Bee. 'The hydrology that we're seeing is not there … There will not be enough natural flow.'

The state also must provide enough flow in the rivers to maintain populations of protected fish species in rivers while keeping 'cities and communities from running out of water,' Esquivel said.

The idiot Democrats in California got an assist from the idiot Democrats in the Biden regime as well:

In May, the federal government announced that it was slashing allocations for agricultural and urban uses because of projected drops in water flow to the Sacramento, Feather, Yuba and American rivers.

'The 2021 water year for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Basin is currently the driest since 1977,” the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation warned.

Got it? Water for fish species; no water for crops to feed humans.

It’s past time for the rest of our country to ‘move on’ from California. The place is a disaster waiting to collapse.

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