By Duncan Smith

There is no pleasing a liberal Democrat because there is no educating them.

They believe what they believe and no one can tell them anything different.

Their party is right about everything, all the time, and when things go wrong, it’s not their party’s fault.

Like when Democrats defund police and crime goes up. Or when they overregulate businesses and many close. Or when they mandate higher minimum wages and then the price of goods and services rise.

Or when they enact zoning ordinances that aren’t real conducive to single-family dwellings, which makes the price of homes skyrocket.

Infowars has more:

Californians are hesitant about buying houses in Austin, Texas, because they're now too unaffordable.

In particular, Austin's real estate market is so volatile that some houses in commuter towns like Buda are selling for close to a half-million dollars which would have only sold for the 'low three hundreds' a year ago, according to the Texas Monthly.

There's several factors contributing to the real estate price spikes in Austin.

First, out-of-state residents are cashing out their home equity in expensive states such as California and New York to buy relatively less expensive houses in Austin, but now with this influx of cash, they've priced themselves out of the Texas capital.

Second, the actual city of Austin is not friendly to single family homes, meaning that, like in California, there's a housing shortage. The majority of residential construction in Austin now is for multi-family units, such as fourplexes built on lots that once housed a single-family home.

Third, mortgage rates are unusually low, causing some people to compete to buy a much bigger house than they need.

Fourth, investors are paying well above market price for entire neighborhoods to create permanent rental houses out of homes that would have otherwise been bought by middle-class families.

But hey, by all means, you libs, keep voting for Democrat politicians who continue to enact the same laws and policies, because that’ll fix your problems.

Except that it won’t.

Critically think much, you libs?

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