By Duncan Smith

Russian President Vladimir Putin has got to be laughing his considerable assets off.

His No. 1 nemesis, the United States, is being led by literal buffoons, nincompoops, incompetents, and the elderly.

An old KGB hand, he knows when he has the advantage and when he doesn’t.

He didn’t under Donald Trump. But boy, does he have the upper hand now.

Biden the Infirm is set to meet with the Russian leader this week in Geneva.

It wouldn’t matter where they met, Putin would oblige. He knows what’s coming: One of the easiest meetings he’s ever had with a U.S. leader.

Putin knows he’ll be able to outmaneuver ol’ Joe who is laser-focused on climate change, punishing American gun owners, and electric cars.

Not Ukraine, the Crimea, Syria (which Biden can’t seem to remember) or a gas pipeline Moscow desperately needs for the income and leverage it will give him.

And no doubt Putin saw this catastrophe Monday afternoon, via Trending Politics:

During his press conference at the G7 Summit on Monday, President Joe Biden locked up when asked if he still considered Russian President Vladimir Putin to be a 'killer.'

'You had called him a killer,' the reporter asserted while bringing up Biden's past comments on Putin. 'Is that still your belief, sir, that he is a killer?'

The reporter also asked a second question as Biden swayed back and forth.

'Answer the first question?' Biden asked. 'I'm laughing too. I’m actually… I… well look… I mean he has made clear that uh, uhhh…'

Biden then completely locked up and stared off into the distance with a completely blank look on his face.

Jesus H.

Our country was finally in a position to keep Russia down for the county when Donald Trump was president.

But obviously, the deep state scumbags who stole his reelection didn’t want that.

They wanted a Russian ‘boogyman’ because it served their needs.

Now, suddenly, Putin’s not even a ‘killer’ anymore. Because it’s the Biden Sh*t Show, where it’s clown world all the time.

Biden sees what’s going on. And he knows exactly what he’s up against, which ain’t much.

We are so screwed, folks. So screwed.

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