By Duncan Smith

Kamala Harris just returned from a disastrous trip to Guatemala and Mexico.

The purpose of her taxpayer-supported journey was to ‘fix’ the ongoing crisis her brain-dead boss created when he mindlessly signed a stack of executive orders overturning Donald Trump’s kick-ass border enforcement policies.

The Biden-Harris regime’s ‘fix?’

Pay off third-world countries in the Northern Triangle with hundreds of millions in American tax dollars, and the poor migrants won’t come anymore.

They’ll remain in their newly created paradises because there won’t be any need to break into America.


The Washington Times reveals the truth about this monumental waste of our money:

A Homeland Security-backed study has found that it's unlikely Central American countries can boost their economies enough to stop people from trying to migrate to the U.S., undercutting President Biden's plans to rely on nation-building to curb the border surge.

Incomes rise tenfold — an incomparable lure — for migrants from the key Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador by working in the U.S., according to the Borders, Trade and Immigration Institute.

'The potential economic gain following migration from the Northern Triangle to the U.S. is enormous,' the institute concluded. 'In the presence of a wage gap this large, even significant percentage changes in home-country income will have relatively little quantitative impact on the gain that could be expected from migration.'

Inviting more migrants or curtailing deportations of those in the U.S. could worsen the surge.

The BTI study said the Northern Triangle economies have become dangerously dependent on migration to the U.S. because of the cash their citizens send back home. That, in turn, may be hurting the countries' export markets, or what is known in economics as 'Dutch disease,' further depressing the economies.

In short, the more people we allow into America from those countries, the faster they will plunge into failed-state status.

If our Democrat overlords actually gave a damn about ‘the poor,’ they would shore up our borders yesterday and turn off the cash spigot from ‘Merica so those nations could develop their own economies.

But no.

Our Dems and their corporate donors only think about themselves and how much more power and money they can amass.

Time yet for a revolution? Secession? A red-state opt-out? Something to get off this crazy train?

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