By Duncan Smith

Republicans, as well as U.S. law enforcement, have been saying for months the Mexican cartels have taken control of our border.

There have been a few investigative journalists who have corroborated those claims.

Cartel human traffickers have essentially reconstituted the slave trade.

Meanwhile, those same cartels are smuggling in enough dangerous fentanyl to kill every America twice (NOT an exaggeration — and this was from 2019; fentanyl smuggling has only gotten worse under Biden).

So, since a president’s first job is to protect American citizens, Biden is getting set to reimplement all of Donald Trump’s border and immigration enforcement policies, right?


In fact, Biden’s handlers have instructed him to make things worse.

Trending Politics reports:

With his latest move, Former Vice President Joe Biden has once again proved that he loves open borders.

According to the Daily Caller, the Biden administration has canceled $2.2 billion of funds that were allocated for the border wall under former President Donald Trump.

Instead of using that money to build a stronger border, Biden appears perfectly fine with the chaos and crime at the border worsening.

The DC added:

The Department of Defense (DOD) canceled all border wall construction projects on April 30 and DOD Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks approved using the funds for 66 projects across 11 states and 16 countries, according to the agency.

President Joe Biden determined 'building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution' to 'security challenges at the southern border,' according to the DOD.

A new slave class of indentured servant migrants, beholden to cartels.

Enough drugs flooding America to kill everyone two times over.

It seems as though enhancing border security would be a pretty easy decision if the objective was protecting the American people.

Again, we did say ‘if’ that were the objective.

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