By Duncan Smith

There is a reason why Kamala Harris was almost the first Democratic presidential contender to drop out of the primaries in late 2019.

Nobody likes her. Not even Democrats. They proved that by ousting her early.

She has an innate ability to be even too phony for a politician.

She has all the charm of a boa constrictor.

She has the warmth of a glacier.

And she has the personality of a glass of water.

Worse, she has zero leadership qualities, as proven by her grossly inept first trip abroad.

Even Biden’s handlers realize what a mistake they made to bring her aboard, as Trending Politics reports:

There are reasons why Democratic primary voters saw to it that Kamala Harris was among the first in a crowded field of candidates to leave the race in the winter of 2019. As such, Joe Biden and whoever is handling his presidency behind the scenes are all beginning to see why, and, perhaps, regretting putting her on the ticket just because her presence allowed the 'woke' among them to check off more race and gender boxes.

You have may read or heard that Harris just wrapped up her first foreign trip, which was to Central America and Mexico. The agenda: 'Solving' the migrant crisis (the Biden regime created) along the U.S. border.

By any measure — any measure — it was a foreign policy disaster at least on the scale of having Chinese diplomats lecture Secretary of State Antony Blinken on U.S. soil in Alaska about what a terribly racist country America is.

And now, suddenly, Harris's incompetence was laid bare. So bare, in fact, even the White House couldn't believe it.

“House officials were reportedly ‘perplexed’ at Vice President Kamala Harris' performance in her first foreign policy trip under the new administration, CNN reported Wednesday,” The Daily Caller added.

“Harris returned from her trip to Guatemala and Mexico on Wednesday. The trip was intended to address the 'root causes' of illegal immigration, but the tour ultimately drew criticism from both sides of the aisle in Washington,” the report continued. “NBC News also released an interview with Harris in the middle of her trip in which she fumbled an answer on why she has yet to visit the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“Perplexed” — as in, horrified at her ineptitude.

Now for the really bad news: She’s going to be president one of these days, and soon. 

If you think Biden is bad, and he is, wait until the Harris S**t Show rolls into the Oval.

We’re pretty certain our enemies are wondering how they got so lucky.

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