By Duncan Smith

Former top Trump adviser Steve Bannon has come up with a very excellent idea to help the former president get some major payback again the deep state Marxists who robbed him of reelection.

And frankly, it’s a plan that really could work.

What’s more, it’s precisely the kind of thing Democrats would do and actually have done.

Twice. To Trump.

Yes, it’s about impeachment.

Conservative Brief notes:

Donald Trump recently said it would be an 'interesting' idea for him to run for a Florida seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2022.

And former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon thinks it can happen.

During an interview on The War Room podcast, Bannon and Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed Trump not running for Congress but being elected the next Speaker of the House in 2022 if Republicans take back the House.

'Our concept is that we're going to have a sweeping victory, you can already see the momentum building in 2022. And our theory of the case is Donald Trump does not need to run for Congress and should not run for Congress as an individual congressman,' Bannon said.

'That's ridiculous. What Donald Trump should do is after we win a sweeping victory, the House members should vote him as Speaker of the House, at least for some interim period of time. Not Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump,' he added.

Bannon added: 'Where Donald Trump takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and he immediately move to impeach Joe Biden.'

That’s a fantastic idea and the vast majority of Americans would support a little Trump payback.

Oh, and Marjorie Taylor Greene is pretty awesome, too.

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