By Duncan Smith

Kamala Harris can’t be bothered to visit the U.S.-Mexico border so she can see for herself what a humanitarian disaster her boss’s handlers have created by reversing President Trump’s policies.

But she has no problem flying over it.

Harris has been in Central America and Mexico this week to ‘get a handle’ on the situation with the migrant crisis her regime caused.

What she’s doing is worse than cynical, however.

After being greeted in Guatemala by protesters rightly proclaiming that Trump won the 2020 election, Harris promised President Alejandro Giammattei more American tax dollars and ‘investments’ in a country where most anyone who can get out has already gotten out (so much for the labor force).

She then formalized that pledge in Mexico, as the Washington Times reports:

Vice President Kamala D. Harris witnessed the signing of an agreement in Mexico City on Tuesday to establish greater cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico to limit migration flows from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Ms. Harris and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador watched at the Palacio Nacional as representatives of both nations signed the memorandum of understanding that calls for greater economic development in the so-called 'Northern Triangle' countries. The agreement is aimed at reducing the surge of migrants from Central America seeking to cross illegally into the U.S.

The vice president wore a mask at the ceremony. Her host, a noted skeptic of COVID-19 shutdown policies, did not.

'I strongly believe we are embarking on a new era,' Ms. Harris said later during a meeting with Mr. Lopez Obrador.

“New era?” What the hell is she talking about?

Oh, wait…she doesn’t know. Because she doesn’t know much about anything having to do with running a superpower.

American taxpayers have been trying to buy off tinpot dictators and third-world leaders for decades. That’s been the policy; toss more foreign aid at the problem.

And it hasn’t worked.

What did work, under Trump, was a) threatening to cut those countries off; b) border enforcement and wall-building; and c) making agreements with Central American countries to keep their citizens in their nations while applying for asylum.

It worked. Trump got control of the border.

Biden and Harris have F’ed it all up. And now they’re blowing billions more over the coming years going back to the old failed policies of the past.

Again, these losers aren’t serious about border security. If they were, they would have never reversed Trump’s policies.

His was truly a new era.

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