By Duncan Smith

If you were the governor of a state and you knew that a federal policy was harming your businesses, would you continue participating in the program or get the hell out of it so you could help your taxpaying businesses?

Sane governors would pull out of that program faster than a quick minute.

But insane, left-wing, politicized governors who care more about advancing their party’s agenda wouldn’t.

Like Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey.

This COVID lockdown hypocrite has just admitted that continuing to accept enhanced federal unemployment benefits via Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar ‘relief’ bill that’s financed on the backs of our future generations is harming New Jersey businesses because it incentivizes laziness, leaving owners unable to find enough workers.

But Murphy doesn’t give a damn; he’s not turning the assistance away like 25 other governors who give a damn about their business owners have already done.

Breitbart News reports:

On Monday's 'CNN Newsroom,' New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) stated that enhanced unemployment benefits might be one cause of labor shortages, one way that the shortage is being resolved is by increasing wages, which Murphy conceded 'may be a contributor right now to some amount of inflation.'

Murphy said that while he won't end the enhanced benefits early, 'I think it's potentially one of the contributors to the labor challenges we have. Which, I believe, by the way, are temporary.'

He added that one of the ways he thinks that the labor challenges will be resolved is that 'among other things, you're starting to see employers pay up, and I think that's probably inevitable. And I think that will lead, at least, or may be a contributor right now to some amount of inflation. Because if you're paying your staff more, you're probably going to find — an employer, some way to pass that onto your customer and my guess is that's going to be, in the short term at least, that's going to be the ticket to get fully staffed up.'

Translated: Because Democats can’t get a massive minimum wage law passed nationally, individual blue state governors who already tax the hell out of businesses are going to double-whammy them by forcing them to raise wages, even of they can’t really afford to do so.

Seriously — seriously — if you are an American citizen living in one of these hellhole blue states that are mismanaged by political sycophants, you need to get out.

Because Democrats keep proving they don’t care about you.

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