By Duncan Smith

No doubt by now you’ve noticed as you drive through your town or community there are a lot of “Help Wanted” signs.

Seems everyone is hiring these days. What a wonderful economy Joe Biden has created!


The reason why there are so many openings — something like 9.3 million, with more every day — is by design.

These job openings won’t last forever, and it isn’t because they’re going to be filled anytime soon.

Rather, they’ll just simply go away.

Because the businesses that are screaming for workers will close.

This is all by design.

Zero Hedge has more:

In case we needed more proof that the US labor market is in a historic supply-demand mismatch crisis sparked by Biden’s generous unemployment benefits, a few hours after the latest NFIB showed that it has never been more difficult for small business to fill job openings, moments ago the BLS confirmed what we expected: that the number of job openings in March (recall JOLTS is one month delayed) soared by a record 998K to 9.286MM in April from an upward revised 8.288MM in march, and the highest in the history of US jobs data! …

Finally, confirming the overheating in the labor market sparked by “Biden’s trillions” and the tsunami of unemployment benefits which has prompted a wave of revulsion toward work in general, in April the level of quits – or people leaving their job voluntarily due to better prospects elsewhere – soared by a whopping 384K to a record 3.985 million, after rising by 185K and 77K in the previous two months.

Biden’s Marxist handlers and their Democrat allies controlling Congress have created a heinous labor shortage on purpose to accomplish two things: 1) Destroy middle-American income; and 2) send more love (and money) to their corporate backers.

Corporations can afford to attract those who want to work with higher wages, thereby effectively enacting Democrats’ minimum wage hikes without ever having to pass legislation.

These people are not playing around; they truly want ‘revolution’ and they’re going to continue towards that objective until it happens.

Or until red states figure out there is no stopping the transition at this point and get off this runaway train.

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