By Duncan Smith

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is pissing off his party right and left these days.

Why? Because he’s become the proverbial ‘fly in the ointment’ to their plans for obtaining total, generational control over our country, despite the fact that they have thin majorities Congress.

Manchin has said he won’t go along with ending the filibuster rule in the upper chamber so Democrats can push through their Marxist agenda by one vote — VP Kamala Harris.

He’s not going along with the party’s push to take control of all elections away from states, where our founders believed control should rest primarily.

Has he grown a conscience? Maybe.

His opposition could also stem from the fact that he’s a blue politician in a deep red state and he wants to continue to be elected.

Either way, the Marxist Party isn’t having it.

While they claim that Donald Trump’s supporters are members of a “cult,” in fact it is the Democrat Party that has become one, as evidenced by the latest Marxist to join the party’s ranks, Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York.

It is either comply with the far-left dictum or become ostracized and get attacked.

Breitbart News reports:

Bowman argued that Manchin 'has become the new Mitch McConnell' because the Democratic senator from West Virginia 'is doing everything in his power to stop democracy' in his opposition to ending the filibuster and HR-1, the For the People Act, which would federalize local elections.

'Joe Manchin has become the new Mitch McConnell,' Bowman asserted. 'Mitch McConnell during Obama's presidency said he would do everything in his power to stop Obama. He's also repeated that now during the Biden presidency by saying he would do everything in his power to stop President Biden. And now, Joe Manchin is doing everything in his power to stop democracy and stop our work for the people, the work that the people sent us here to do.'

'[M]anchin is not pushing us closer to bipartisanship,' he added. 'He is doing the work of the Republican Party by being an obstructionist, just like they've been since the beginning of Biden's presidency.”

Only an intolerant gaslighting Marxist thinks like this.

There is no compromising with Democrats at this point, as they constantly make clear. So patriots should stop trying. 

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