By Duncan Smith

We already know that the American Marxist Party, a.k.a. Democrats, are hell-bent on destroying our republic.

But it’s becoming clearer that their idiot voters in the blue states are going to take the hits first.

Witness California.

Insane taxes, policies encouraging a proliferation of homelessness, massive regulatory regimes on businesses, prolonged COVID restrictions, power grid blackouts, and left-wing district attorneys refusing to prosecute crime — while backing ‘defund police’ initiatives — are leading to a massive exodus from this rapidly collapsing and failed early experiment in socialism.

And it’s costing the state dearly — literally.

The Epoch Times reports:

California, with its relatively large tax burden compared to other states, has seen a taxpayer exodus in recent years and, along with it, billions in taxable gross income.

State-to-state migration data recently released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) shows that California lost an estimated net 70,534 households—or 165,355 taxpayers and their dependents—in the years 2017-2018, with those fleeing taking around $8.8 billion in net adjusted gross income with them.

Interstate migration flows are influenced by a number of factors, including retirement, job opportunities, and housing costs. Brandon Ristoff, a policy analyst with the California Policy Center, told Center Square that the flight of billions of dollars from California is driven by the state's 'bad policies on the economy, education and more.'

'California used to be a place where everyone wanted to live, but now California has become a place where people want to leave,' he told the outlet.

And they are. Let’s hope most former California residents aren’t bringing the same voting habits with them to Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, where they are fleeing.

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