By Duncan Smith

Left-wing attacks on police officers and departments began long before the George Floyd incident.

Since the days when the racist-in-chief Barack Obama was gaslighting the country after every incident involving a black suspect and a white police officer, the Marxist left has been pushing for ‘criminal justice reforms’ that mean one thing: No cops, ever, for any reason.

That’s insanity, of course, but not if your objective is to destroy our country and then, in the ashes, swoop in with revolutionaries and sweep out the last vestiges of constitutional republicanism on the way to creating the next failed socialist/communist/Marxist/Leninist country.

And we’re well on our way to that day.

Cops are quitting departments in droves, especially those in left-wing shitholes where Democrats reign supreme.

And the predictable is happening: Fewer officers mean the thin blue line gets thinner — and citizens are put in more danger — as evidenced by what is now taking place in Asheville, N.C.

Breitbart News has more:

Asheville, North Carolina's police department (APD) has seen 84 officers leave since January 2020 and is now making clear it will no longer respond to theft calls. …

APD Police Chief David Zack cites the 'protests against law enforcement' as one of the factors that led so many officers to step away from the job.

The Asheville Citizen Times notes that 'the APD officer attrition rate, formerly one per month, jumped to 7.5 per month in the four months after local protests set off by Minneapolis police murdering Black resident George Floyd.' And even after the highest profile protests waned the APD continues to see an attrition rate of roughly six officers a month.

As a result, the APD now has 'only 167 of its 238 sworn officer positions filled.'

If you live in one of these collapsing cities and you don’t get out now while you can, you’re going to regret your decision. Soon.

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