By Duncan Smith

Democrats love to go around claiming they are the ‘rational’ ones and Republicans are the lunatics who want to tear our country apart.

The opposite is true.

Republicans aren’t the ones pushing Marxism, which is an authoritarian governing model built to oppress people, not empower them with individual liberty.

Republicans aren’t the ones burning cities, looting stores, bashing people over the head for no reason, or calling for police departments to be defunded and disbanded.

Republicans aren’t shutting down free speech on college campuses and physically attacking their political opposites.

Republicans aren’t calling for people to be “canceled” and lose their livelihoods because someone else holds a different view or opinion.

Republicans stand up for the rule of law, they don’t tear it down with ‘social justice reforms’ that create mayhem and disorder.

Republicans want homeless encampments cleaned out and banned from public spaces, while Democrats call for them to be expanded.

In short, Democrats favor every single bad public policy option that leads to chaos and disorder.

Oh, and did we mention they are intolerant and violent — just the Nazis, Stalinists, and Maoists were?

Two of them — disgraced sex fiend and former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill and failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum — just proved it by saying the quiet part out loud: They think Republicans should be destroyed.

Yes, they actually said that, per The Blaze:

Disgraced Democrat Katie Hill said that the Republican Party needs to be “completely” destroyed in an interview with Andrew Gillum, who agreed vehemently with her diagnosis.

Hill made the comments on “Real Talk” with Gillum, who lost his bid to become Florida’s governor in 2018 and was later caught in his own scandal.

“The Republican Party that exists now, needs to just completely be destroyed!” Hill said to Gillum in the podcast published Wednesday.

“There’s not the hope of, you know, bringing it back from anything. These are bad people, and if they are not openly bad, then they are complicit and they’re weak, and they’re, they’re willing to destroy the very foundations of what we consider American, and on top of that, take away rights left and right for everybody!” she explained.

Gillum could be seen adamantly agreeing with Hill on the video.

“I mean it’s just, there’s no, I don’t care about this notion of bipartisanship anymore because it’s bull — it’s just complete crap!” she added.

“This isn’t another party, this is just a bunch of lunatics!” Hill concluded.

Democrats — always projecting onto the GOP what they are.

With each passing day, the Garbage Party proves that it is simply impossible to ‘compromise’ with their implacable intolerance, making a split-up even more likely. And necessary.

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