By Duncan Smith

Without question, Donald Trump winning the presidency — literally with the entire weight of the deep state aligned against him — broke a lot of people.


We have often said he broke people so badly that if this were an earlier time — say, circa 1963 — ‘the system’ would have ‘dealt’ with Trump in a much different way.

As it happened, though, the deep state cabal of political, media, and financial figures took care of Trump by rigging the 2020 election, and in the process destroying what faith we had left in one of our last remaining, semi-functional institutions: The electoral process.

But because Trump broke people to the extent they can no longer function as rational human beings, those same people have literally dedicated their lives to personally destroying him.

All because the man won a presidential election, fair and square.

This is the state of our republic today.

In an interview Saturday with Newsmax TV, constitutional expert and lawyer Alan Dershowitz explained how political forces on the left are now destroying what was left of our legal system — again, solely for the purpose of ‘getting’ Donald Trump and solely because he won a presidential election.

USA Features News has more:

Noted constitutional expert and Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Saturday former President Donald Trump's enemies are trying to 'use the law in a weaponized way' to attack him politically using lawsuits premised on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

'I think what he did was protected as president by executive privilege and by the First Amendment,' Dershowitz said on Newsmax TV's 'Saturday Report.' 'This is an attempt to use the law as a weapon.'

Dershowitz said legal actions very often are premised on political retribution, including in New York, where Attorney General Letitia James 'ran for office on the campaign promise of getting Trump.'

He went on to say he thinks that more lawsuits will be filed by groups on the left and right because politicized legal actions are getting to be far too common.

'It's wrong when either party uses it (as a weapon) but it's being used now, extensively, broadly, and in an overreaching way against the former president of the United States,' said Dershowitz.

'If you don't like the former president of the United States don't vote for him if he runs again. Don't vote for the people he supports. That's your political right, but bringing lawsuits makes very little sense,' he continued.

Our country is in dire straits, folks. One by one, the left has destroyed nearly every functional institution. What else, at this point, is left to ‘save?’

It’s time to start over.

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