By Duncan Smith

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been endorsed for reelection next year by former President Donald Trump.

One reason why is that both Republican leaders believe in rock-solid border security.

America is a land of immigrants, true enough. But America, like every other country on the planet, will cease to exist if it doesn’t protect its borders.

And, American citizens have a right to expect that our country’s borders will be respected.

Trump knew that instinctively.

So does Abbott. And he’s betting that by clamping down on illegal crossings he’ll win the hearts and minds of his Texas citizens.

But wait — isn’t border security strictly a federal government function?

Well, the Supreme Court has said so, yeah.

Abbott, however, has a few legal options up his sleeve, and he’s getting ready to play them, as he told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

'Look at the words that he used to talk about why he's endorsing me and how we partnered up together to do things like secure the border,' Abbott said regarding Trump’s endorsement.

'President Trump proved that people of all backgrounds who live on the border, who live inland…they want a secure border, and that is what I am trying to step up and achieve,' Abbott continued, adding that 34 Texas counties along the border have asked him 'to declare their county a disaster, which I did.”

'I don't think this has ever happened before where a disaster declaration was made for border counties because of the influx of people coming across the border. But I did because we are about to change the way that Texas addresses the challenges on the border, and we are going to start by helping these 34 counties respond by increasing arrests,' Abbott noted further.

'We've got a new game in the state of Texas that's going to begin next week, and that's we're going to start arresting…' he went on as Hannity interjected.

'Governor, why can't you just say, 'You're not allowed in,' and just protect the border and say, 'Go back?'' Hannity pressed.

'I'll be very clear with you, Sean. And you may remember this, I know you did interviews on this more than a decade ago when you talked to Jan Brewer. When Jan Brewer was governor of Arizona, Arizona passed laws that did exactly that, where they would send people back and they would not accept people,' Abbott said.

'And the law that Arizona passed went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case called Arizona V. the United States, where the United States Supreme Court said Arizona does not have that. You know the attorney general that I used to be, and so I followed the law and the law that I'm going to use will be legal ways in which Texas is going to start arresting everybody coming across the border,' he added.

'Not just arresting them, but because this is not going to be aggravated trespass, they are going to be spending a half a year in jail, if not a year in jail, as well as other actions that I will be announcing next week.'

This will no doubt set Abbott and Texas up for the ire of Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers, but this has to be done because otherwise, we won’t have a country left.

If the line in the sand is defending the sanctity of U.S. borders, then let this be the time patriots stand together. And let Texas lead the way.

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