By Duncan Smith

Marxists who run Biden’s regime tell us that we have to open our borders to tens of millions of third-world poor.

Why? Because all of those third-world poor coming to America actually raise our wages and standard of living.

Not even kidding. That’s what we’re told.

It is complete bullshit. And rational people know that.

Population growth does NOT fuel economic growth.

The Epoch Times reports:

Worries about America's slowing population growth are misplaced because simply having more people in the country is no guarantee of higher incomes for every individual, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Director of Research Steven Camarota.

Camarota's comments followed a wave of recent claims of supporters of increased immigration into the country that slowing or stagnant population meant less economic growth and more national security challenges.

'It is clear that the simplistic argument that more population growth necessarily leads to more per capita economic growth, which is the kind of growth that matters, is not obvious and in fact the evidence seems to be the other way around,' Carmarota told The Epoch Times during a June 1 interview.

'The idea that you want lots of population growth is simply not supported by the evidence. You can argue for population growth for any number of justifications but the point here is that you can't argue for it because it obviously leads to more economic growth,' Camarota said.

Case in point: This is just another reason why Biden’s handlers are opening our borders — so they can make Americans poorer and, hence, more dependent on them.

Say ‘Hell no.’ Become more self-sufficient.

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