By Duncan Smith

For more than a year, independent media sources like this one have been right about a great many things.

At the same time, the so-called “mainstream media” has been wrong about those things.

Why? Because the men and women who work for those outlets aren’t journalists.

They’re hacks. They’re left-wing ideologues. They’re propagandists for the state.

As such, they are literally incapable of honest, factual reporting when it comes to the most important issues of the day — issues that literally can mean life or death.

Like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indy media reported months ago that it’s likely the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Over the weeks it appeared even more obvious that the virus was actually manufactured — as part of dangerous experimentation.

Some suggested that the virus was intentionally released by China as a way of ‘attacking’ Donald Trump, who was kicking Chinese ass when it came to trade sanctions and tariffs.

Meanwhile, the garbage media pushed back.

No way the virus was manufactured. No WAY China would do that! And get your mask on, you idiot — and stay inside! Get vaccinated!!

Yeah, okay. That shit went on for a year. Only in recent days have these propagandists begun to change their tunes.

Now we see just where the indy media was right all along, as NewsTarget notes:

After being 'debunked' by the mainstream media as 'misinformation,' the lab origin theory behind the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is suddenly being adopted by the establishment as conspiracy fact, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

You see, there is no room for the Chinese Virus to have come from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, because that is where Donald Trump first suggested that it may have originated – and we cannot have anyone 'credible' agreeing with Trump, right?

'You were labeled a right-wing nut-job for uttering the possible thought that this deadly pathogen might have leaked from the lab, and they would usually call you a racist-conspirator as well just to spice up the label,' Armstrong jokes about the politicization of the plandemic by the left,” added Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics.

'Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all joined in with the government to promote the party-line communist-style and began canceling anyone who dared to question their government propaganda. This is the only time perhaps I would like to have been President for a week to send in the troops and charge the head of every one of these free-press organizations with treason.'

What else has the indy media been right about that the garbage media has not been? Obama spied on Trump; the Russia dossier was fake; Robert Mueller would not find evidence of ‘collusion’; there was no Trump-Russia ‘collusion’; Russian bounties were a hoax; Ukraine ‘quid-pro-quo’ was a hoax; the Capitol Riot was a false flag; etc.

Stop relying on the mainstream media to ‘inform’ you. They’re liars, propagandists, and ideologues whose job it is to protect their deep state masters.

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