By Duncan Smith

Don’t let the headline fool you: We don’t do garbage ‘sky is falling’ global warming/climate change alarmism around here.

But there is an emerging weather pattern in the Western United States you need to know about because it will affect the entire country if it persists.

Think about loss of food sources and what that would do to supply/demand and prices.

The Washington Standard reports:

The megadrought that has almost the entire western half of the country in a death grip is starting to become extremely painful.  In some areas, irrigation water is being totally cut off for farmers, and that is going to result in a totally lost year for many of them.  Without water, you simply cannot grow crops, and irrigation water is the difference between success and failure for multitudes of western farmers.  Scientists are also warning that this upcoming wildfire season could be even worse than last year due to the bone dry conditions. 

CBS News adds:

Extreme drought across the Western U.S. has become as reliable as a summer afternoon thunderstorm in Florida. And news headlines about drought in the West can seem a bit like a broken record, with some scientists saying the region is on the precipice of permanent drought. …

Consequently, this past winter's wet season was not very wet at all. In fact, it just added insult to injury, with only 25 to 50% of normal rainfall falling across much of the Southwest and California. This followed one of the driest and hottest summers in modern times, with two historic heat waves, a summer monsoon cycle that simply did not even show up and the worst fire season in modern times.

Now look, it might seem tempting to point a finger west and laugh at California because the state is run by libtard Marxists.

But understand that California produces, by far, the lion’s share of food in our country. It is to the U.S. what Ukraine was to Soviet Russia back in the day, the ‘breadbasket of our republic.

If California’s agricultural industry collapses, we’re all screwed, and that’s a fact.

So, we’ll keep on eye on this development while we urge you and yours to plan accordingly (foodwise, and otherwise).

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