By Duncan Smith

China clearly sees the Biden regime as helpless, overly concerned with the ideological transformation of domestic politics, and unconcerned about what the rest of the world is doing.

Either that, or Chairman Xi just doesn’t give AF what Biden thinks and he’s going to do whatever he wants, when he wants and where he wants.

That includes getting access to new ports and bases in the Atlantic so Beijing’s military can begin to dominate our own hemisphere.

Gordon Chang lays it all out in an analysis published by the Gatestone Institute:

China is scouting for a naval base on the west coast of Africa. In the near future, therefore, Chinese ships could be regularly patrolling off America’s East Coast.

In recent testimony before the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, General Stephen Townsend, commander of U.S. Africa Command, has been sounding the alarm. …

Chinese planners are not only thinking of the continent, they are also eyeing islands in the Atlantic, specifically Terceira, one of the Azores.

On that island, part of Portugal, there is a port and, of even greater interest, Air Base No. 4. Better known as Lajes Field, the facility is jointly operated by the U.S. Air Force and its Portuguese counterpart.

If China controlled the base, the Atlantic would no longer be secure. From the 10,865-foot runway there, Chinese planes could patrol the northern and central portions of the Atlantic and thereby cut air and sea traffic between the U.S. and Europe. Beijing would also be able to deny access to the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

Pentagon budget cutters have been scaling back activities at Lajes, making it a “ghost base.” As a result, Lajes is ripe for China to take it over.

Even if China doesn’t scoop up the base, Chang warns it’s “plans for Africa are clear.”

An Atlantic base “would let China make mischief for the United States in its own hemisphere,” James Holmes of the U.S. Naval War College told Gatestone. “It could siphon some U.S. forces from the Western Pacific to the Atlantic, easing the pressure on China in the East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, and South China Sea. It would distract and stretch us to Beijing’s benefit.”

What the hell is Biden going to do about this — anything? Or are he and son Hunter too far into Chinese government debt to serve American interests first?

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