By Duncan Smith

The left-wing woke corporations are going full-bore with their Democrat partners in crime to tear down our founding systems and institutions and replace the with a hybrid Marxist model that enriches them and them alone.

That includes banks, apparently.

The Marxists know that in order to completely effect a revolution, you have to deprive ordinary Americans of a living. You have to destroy the economy.

Our economy (like ALL the world’s advanced economies) runs on fossil fuel.

So the revolutionary left is now targeting the fossil fuel industry to deprive them of financial services so they can’t function in our society.

But fortunately, red states are fighting back already, as The Epoch Times reports:

Fifteen Republican State Treasurers sent a warning that they will pull assets from financial institutions if they give in to Federal pressure to de-carbonize and 'refuse to lend to or invest in' the fossil fuel and coal industry.

The letter, led by West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore, is directed at Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry. It expresses concerns over reports that Kerry and other members of the Biden administration have been 'privately pressuring' U.S. banks to stifle the fossil fuel industry.

'We are writing today to express our deep concern with recent reports that you, and other members of the Biden Administration, are privately pressuring U.S. banks and financial institutions to refuse to lend to or invest in coal, oil, and natural gas companies, as part of a misguided strategy to eliminate the fossil fuel industry in our country,' the letter reads.

The State Treasurers sent a plain message to financial institutions, telling them not to submit to the present administration's coercion to deny investment and lending for the natural resources.

Together, these state treasurers control $600 billion in investments, so this is no small threat.

It’s unreal that it’s come to this in America, but these lunatic leftists are literally attacking every pillar of our society trying to collapse it.

Red states need to get out.

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