By Duncan Smith

It’s not as if we didn’t already know that Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers want to destroy the fantastic economy that Donald Trump built.

But every day, practically, Biden’s handlers remind us anew of their objective.

Now, it looks as though Biden is ending Trump’s “Buy American” policies — and violating his own campaign pledge to do the same.

Breitbert News reports:

President Joe Biden is seemingly ditching his 'Buy American' promise less than five months into his administration with a plan to import materials for electric vehicles as part of a 'strategy designed to placate environmentalists,' according to a report.

According to administration officials who spoke to Reuters, Biden is set to deal a blow to American miners by outsourcing where the United States will source metals needed for electric vehicle production.

Rather than relying on U.S. mines, Biden will reportedly import the needed metals from Australia, Brazil, Canada, and other foreign countries. The move is a win for environmentalists and Democrats who have fought to shut down U.S. mining projects that would provide high-paying union jobs to America's working and middle class.

And it’s not just for elective vehicles. The Biden regime will continue to shut down or try to hinder U.S. independence by destroying energy production capabilities.

The fix is in: Our economy was empowering individuals under Trump, and the Marxists can’t have that.

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