By Duncan Smith

There aren’t many functioning institutions left in America, and certainly the Federal Reserve is on that list of dysfunctional.

But the problem is, the agency is responsible for the majority of American fiscal and economic policy, so we ought to at a minimum wish the agency well because its decisions affect all of us.

Obviously, Biden’s Marxist handlers know that, so they’re going after the Federal Reserve next, transforming it from a fiscal policy institution to another ‘woke’ agency pushing a bullshit leftist agenda, as Republicans are realizing.

The Washington Times notes:

Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee accused the Biden administration on Monday of allowing the Federal Reserve system, which regulates the nation's money supply, to pursue a 'highly politicized social agenda' as the threat of inflation looms.

GOP lawmakers argue that President Biden and the White House are allowing individual Federal Reserve banks to pursue 'politically charged' research on divisive social topics, including climate change and racial justice. The goal is to skew the information used by banks and other financial institutions to influence them to act more liberally, they said.

'A lot of Republicans worry that the credibility of the Federal Reserve system is at stake,' said a staffer for the banking panel's top Republican, Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Toomey and his fellow Republicans note that the Federal Reserve banks of Atlanta, San Francisco and Minneapolis have been the most active in pushing social justice causes.

The very last two things that are ‘related’ are “social justice” and “fiscal policy,” but in the age of the Democratic Marxist Party, suddenly they are. And just like that, another institution falls.

Our country isn’t going to survive the Biden presidency. But then, it was never meant to.

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