By Duncan Smith

Americans were concerned about the country’s economy if Joe Biden and his handlers were elected.

They were. And that angst is proving valid.

Since Biden has been in office, inflation has returned; gas prices are up; housing prices are through the roof; goods and services are getting harder to come by; jobs are plentiful but with Biden’s extra unemployment benefits more Americans stay out of the workforce because they make more; and so on.

And Americans are noticing.

When Trump was still in office, Americans were extremely optimistic about their economic future.

Not anymore.

Breitbart News reports:

The honeymoon is over.

Economic confidence slipped back into negative territory, according to survey data released by Gallup on Monday.

Gallup's Economic Confidence Index dropped to -7, down from +2 in April and back to the level registered in March.

Gallup said the recent shifts in confidence 'may reflect public reaction to a stronger-than-anticipated jobs report in April, followed by a weaker-than-expected report in May.' It is also likely that confidence has been shaken by rising prices and shortages of some products and materials, including the recent widespread gas shortages.

The decline in May came mostly from a sharp drop in Republican confidence in the month. Republicans in the index register at -52, down from -35 in April. Democrat confidence declined from 31 to 27. Independents went from -4 to -3, a slight improvement.

Is the performance of Biden’s economy just a partisan issue? Of course not.

It’s tanking, and that’s by design. This presidency was set up to lead America’s decline. 

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