By Duncan Smith

The entire Democratic Party is a morally bankrupt institution, headed by hypocrites, liars, thieves and shit bags who literally engage in the very activities they claim to be working against.

Like so-called ‘corporate influence’ in government.

When a Republican is in the Oval Office, the Democrats’ schtick is “corporatism is evil” because we’re still supposed to believe that American corporations are all in lockstep with the GOP.

The era of corporate ‘wokeness’ has proven that claim to be garbage.

Without question, corporate America and Wall Street, along with big media and Big Tech, are all Democrat institutions now and that’s clearly evident. And what’s more, these entities are sliding further to the left every day.

But why? Shouldn’t big tech and big corporations be siding with the Republican Party, the party of smaller, less intrusive government?

You’d think that, but this story proves why that’s not the case anymore.

Put simply, it’s better for these corporations to sidle up to their big government masters because the payoff — literally — is better.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Monday on this growing trend that has particularly infected the Biden regime, which is quickly becoming the most corrupt in the history of our country:

President Joe Biden’s pick to lead a major federal energy agency spent years lobbying for the renewable power giant behind an offshore wind farm backed by the administration, a Washington Free Beacon review of disclosure forms found.

Shortly after his inauguration, Biden tapped Richard Glick to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. From 2001 to 2016, Glick served as head lobbyist for Avangrid Renewables, the U.S. subsidiary of Spanish electric conglomerate Iberdrola. The company holds a 50 percent stake in Vineyard Wind, which is set to become the country’s first large-scale offshore wind farm after the Biden administration approved the project on May 11.

Glick’s elevation to chairman comes as a boon to Avangrid and other renewable power companies. The role grants Glick the authority to prioritize environmental projects that bolster the White House’s green energy push and potentially enrich his former clients. The commission is also responsible for approving natural gas pipeline permits—a common target of environmentalists. Just weeks into his chairmanship, Glick announced the creation of a senior-level “environmental justice” position to determine if pipeline projects “unfairly impact historically marginalized communities.”

Got that? In addition to shifting hundreds of millions and perhaps billions in taxpayer dollars to his former clients, this turd is also going to use the lie of ‘systemic racism’ to deep-six fossil fuel projects that will make life better and less expensive for Americans.

So, bottom line is, not only are Biden and his handlers corrupt as hell and liars, they are hell-bent on destroying the fabulous economy Donald Trump and Republicans built for the foreseeable future.

Since we have to wait for the 2022 elections, let’s hope conservative legal groups are preparing their briefs and court cases to push back against the most un-American regime ever.

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