By Duncan Smith

Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Chinese researchers published a paper to a Chinese university website, where it sat for months without much notice.

The paper contained bombshell revelations, but the biggest one was this: The researchers concluded that the virus was lab-created, and that it did not come from some ‘wet market’ as a combo of bat droppings and pig feces or whatever else we’ve been told.

As soon as a few people began to take notice, however — especially after a female Chinese scientist defected to America and told that story to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the paper disappeared from online and hasn’t been seen since.

From September:

“So, together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab … and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage,” Dr. Li-Meng Yan said.

Of course, both Carlson and Dr. Li were ridiculed by those garbage people on the left, to include the clown propagandists in the ‘mainstream media.’ And, of course, those Commies who own big tech; Li’s account was canceled by Jack’s Twitter.

Li told that same story last week during another episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, verbatim: The virus was manufactured, and those pieces of shit who rule China released it on purpose — mostly likely to harm President Trump, who was kicking their asses in trade negotiations and tariffs.

Now, even the great Anthony Fauci is coming around, all but admitting that, yeah, COVID-19 isn’t some freak of nature, it’s lab-produced (and let’s be frank — this puke knew it all along).

But here’s the real question: What the hell are Joe Biden and his handlers going to do about it? If true — and it certainly seems like it is — the Chinese attacked us and the world with a biological weapon, resulting in more deaths than every one of our wars except the Civil War (and that death toll is set to be surpassed).

Here’s one take from a republished piece at Zero Hedge:

The world's worst disaster in a century killed 7.1mm-12.7mm across the planet. The total continued rising. No one knew exactly when it would end, only that the poorest nations would bear the brunt. They always do. European and Asian countries lost more citizens than they had since WWII. The US lost more than in any war. Children fell behind. Economic costs spiraled, leaving each nation's finances forever changed. Monetary and fiscal policy merged in the West. Inflation reappeared. Despots tightened their grip. America's president was voted out.  

Every person on the planet should hope the truth is the virus struck humanity naturally, unluckily (I sure do). Beijing certainly wants this to remain the explanation. They rebuked Australia for questioning it. So how hard will Western leaders press for a thorough investigation knowing that if it were to conclude a lab leak, it would require a political response that could turn the world upside down? And yet, if they do not press hard, how will Western governments retain their already diminished credibility when it comes to national security?

For the record, we don’t think this virus was natural. We believe the Chinese virologist who says she knows it was lab-created.

If Biden and his handlers do nothing about this, then here’s what’s coming next: China will move on Taiwan and take up positions in the South China Sea and then dare the cowards we have running our country to respond.

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