By Duncan Smith

Donald Trump was such a threat to the deep state and political establishment they literally stole his reelection.

Well, that’s actually not the right term, according to Breitbart News’ Alex Marlow.

His new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, lays out a much more sinister plot to ‘manipulate’ the results, let’s just put it that way.

And those bastards who run the big tech corporations are behind the vast majority of the plot.

Marlow explains in an op-ed:

If you had any doubt those who control the flow of information in this country were determined to get Trump out of power, look no further than Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO spent hundreds of millions of dollars on 'safe' election administration, but these efforts appear to have been little more than a de facto get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operation to benefit Democrats.

The centerpiece of this was COVID-safe 'drop boxes.' These were bins that look like aluminum public trash cans, placed throughout the country, largely unprotected and unguarded (compared to in-person voting). These made it easier for people to 'safely' turn in their mail-in ballots. Critics of the plan said that a high number of these drop boxes were placed in precincts that favor Democrats, particularly ones that were likely to be close races. These drop boxes weren't necessary anyway, as in-person voting did not worsen the pandemic.

Yet, the sad reality is that Republicans, by and large, let the Masters of the Universe do all this. Perhaps it was because they feared harming the tech companies that were driving the stock markets to record highs, maybe they were following a blind loyalty to the free market, perhaps many were paid off by Big Tech lobbyists, certainly some were uninformed and ignorant. Whatever the explanation is, the GOP was wildly ineffective at protecting their own voters' ability to freely read and share information.

'Breaking up the biggest technology companies, reforms to antitrust law, and reforming the safe harbor for censorship of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should all be considered,' he writes. 'But most importantly, conservatives must turn to governors, legislatures, and Attorneys General in Republican-led states. This will take political willpower, but it can be done.'

It better be done, because if it’s not, even though conservatives are said to outnumber liberals in America, we’ll never win another election again if we don’t grow some cajones and fight these thieving Marxists tooth and nail.

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