By Duncan Smith

Remember about 15 minutes ago when Donald Trump was in the White House and it was an impeachable offense if he would have interfered with his own Justice Department’s investigations?

Donald Trump better leave special counsel Robert Mueller alone or else he will be charged with obstruction of justice and impeached!

Only, presidents are in charge of all of the Executive Branch, including the Justice Department.

Every prosecutor and every ranking official up to and including the attorney general work for the president, not the American people, per se.

But of course, Trump didn’t fire Mueller. In fact, for all we know, Trump never interfered in any Justice Department investigation.

Like, you know, Barack Obama did.

In any event, for Trump such an act would have been like an insurrection of something.

But it’s no big deal if another Democratic president — Joe Biden — does.


Biden got sort of baited into admitting on Friday that he would most definitely interfere with the Justice Department’s investigations if need be.

Trending Politics has more:

On Friday, President Joe Biden accidentally admitted on camera that he would be interfering with the Department of Justice to make sure that they cannot seize records belonging to reporters. The admission raises many ethics concerns.

'Would you prevent your Justice Department from doing that?' asked liberal hack CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, referring to reporter's records.

Biden replied by saying that the practice was 'absolutely, positively wrong.'

'It's simply, simply wrong,' Biden said.

Biden said, 'I will not let that happen,' when asked if the Justice Department would be allowed to gather records.

What if a reporter was illegally passing or accepting classified materials? Or involved in espionage? Or some other nefarious activity?

Would Biden interfere?

He says he would, which means he will do so anytime he damned well pleases.

And suddenly, now that Trump’s gone, it’s okay again when a president politicizes the Justice Department.

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